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12th-Jun-2011 02:50 am - Welcome to Demons Ran
Unexpectedly, your character will have found themselves pulled in from any point in their personal timestream without any knowledge as to how they managed to transport themselves across time and space. They can arrive on any part of Demon's Run, but there is no way off the base. All the external doors are deadlocked, including the exits for the spaceships and the communications array has been destroyed for some tme.

Demon's Run is a large and sprawling military base, with plenty of opportunities for exploration and to gather clues about what really happened here.

More and more characters will arrive as time passes. Perhaps together, you will work out why you have all been brought to the graveyard that depicts the Doctor's greatest victory. But until then, take care as you wander - you can never be too alert.

IC Community
How To Join
Taken Characters
12th-Jun-2011 02:40 am - Joining
To join demonsran, all you need is a canon Doctor Who, Torchwood or Sarah Jane Adventures character! Simply choose an entry point from your character's canon history. When your character arrives on Demon's Run, they will have little idea as to how they got there. Their memories of their recent location will be unaffected. If they think hard enough, they may remember hearing a strange rattling breath before they were taken.

If you're ready to play and have read the rules, please take a moment to fill in this short application form and post it as a comment under the account you wish to play with. All responses are screened. There's little reason as to why you wouldn't be accepted into the game - this is mainly to make sure we don't have multiple copies of characters running around (unless they have canon Gangers!)

Character Name: The character's full name in canon.
Fandom: Doctor Who, Torchwood or Sarah Jane Adventures only.
Entry Point: Wherever your character was just before they were pulled to Demon's Run - this can be any part of their personal time stream, but must be logically canon (i.e, not from an distant off-screen future.)
Example Thread: Provide a link to an example of your roleplay of this character (public communities only - e.g. sixwordstories )
12th-Jun-2011 02:20 am - Rules
Good men don't need rules, but a roleplay community does!

1) Please use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation to the best of your ability. We shouldn’t have to keep re-reading a post to understand what a person is saying. Absolutely no chat-speak, it makes us die a little inside.

2) Try and write at least a couple of sentences. Describing your character’s surroundings, thoughts, emotions and such can really help lengthen a post. However, we understand one-liners are necessary for fast-moving conversations or even battles!

3) There can be only one stream of posting in a thread at a time. After an open thread has been answered to, the original post cannot receive an alternative reply. However, this doesn't mean there can only be two characters per thread; if the participating players agree, you can join in with their current posting! (e.g. if Jack started a thread and Amy replies, Martha cannot join and just post with Jack, she needs to take Amy into account too!)

4) Respect everyone the way you would want to be. Be courteous, and don't barge into occurring threads without asking the participating member/s (however, 'open' threads are just that!)

5) Treat demonsran as a blank slate. Your character will arrive here fresh out of the canon point of your choosing. Any previous plots on sixwordstories or other communities are left at the door! You are more than welcome to develop plots during the course of the game, however!

6) Be sensible about your character's limits and actions. Godmoding is not allowed. Do not assume things about another character's beliefs or actions without them writing it.

7) Try and make a post at least once a week. We understand people have lives, so if you’re going to be on hiatus please PM the mod account at thesoftware.

8) At the moment, we're only accepting canon characters from both new and classic Doctor Who, Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures. Due to the game location, there are a couple of characters we aren't accepting into the game. These include: Madame Kovarian, Colonel Runaway Manton and young River Song/Melody Pond.

Moderating Team:

If you have any question, send a PM to thesoftware and the mod team will get back to you as soon as possible!

12th-Jun-2011 02:14 am - Results for Lifeforms
Characters currently taken in-game:

[Listed by order of their first appearance]

First Doctor Era:
First Doctor tobeexiles  - during his attempts to complete the Trilogic Game in The Celestial Toymaker.

Third Doctor Era:
Third Doctor doctorthree  - arrives while travelling in the TARDIS after Jo Grant left to get married in The Green Death.
Jo Grant unit_girl  - arrives shortly after falling through the mineshaft in The Green Death.

Fourth Doctor Era:
Romana II romana_orfred  - arrives after she departs into E-Space in Warrior's Gate.

Fifth Doctor Era:
Fifth Doctor clevercricketer  - arrives shortly after his argument with Adric in the beginning of Earthshock.

Ninth Doctor Era:
Rose Tyler lone_defender  - arrives a couple of months after the end of Journey's End.
Captain Jack Harkness capj_harkness  - arrives during a Weevil hunt after the end of Torchwood's Exit Wounds.

Tenth Doctor Era:
Dr Martha Jones thegooddrjones  - arrives shortly after the events of Journey's End.
Dr River Song songofsong  - arrives during her time in the Florida warehouse after Amy has been taken in Day of the Moon.
Ianto Jones thatsharassment - arrives after the end of Torchwood's End of Days.
Captain John Hart minelastslonger - arrives after the end of Torchwood's Exit Wounds.

Eleventh Doctor Era:
Eleventh Doctor sillyolddoctor  - arrives while travelling in the TARDIS after the battle of Demon's Run in A Good Man Goes To War.
Amelia Pond praystosanta  - arrives during the night she waited for the Doctor to return in Eleventh Hour.
Amy Pond fairytaleforamy  - arrives after the finding out River's true identity in A Good Man Goes To War.
Craig Owens mrsofaman  - arrives a couple months after the end of The Lodger.
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